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Taking Stock of Progress - September 2022

The first joint progress report across UN-backed global climate campaigns: Race to Resilience and Race to Zero

Making progress

This report is a first joint progress report to reflect on the progress made across two major UN-backed global climate campaigns Race to Zero and Race to Resilience, ahead of COP27. Together, both campaigns rally over 13,000 companies, financial institutions, cities, states, regions and others (referred to as non-State actors) to step up their ambition, put plans in place and scale action on adaptation and resilience and on greenhouse gas emissions reductions. It showcases the actors racing together to make a resilient, zero carbon world a reality.

This report captures a sense of the progress that is measurable at this point in time, and shares both the successes and challenges of non-state actors who are globally addressing mitigation and adaptation. It highlights important actions of the members in both campaigns contributing to achieve 1.5°C and increase resilience; it celebrates and applauds those who are lighting the way to a better world; and identifies the gaps that still need plugging in the run up to COP27 and beyond.

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