Join the Race to Zero before 11th November 2024

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Government College Women University - Pakistan

What is the name of your institution?

Government College Women University, Sialkot

Why did you sign up to the Race to Zero for Universities and Colleges?

Our aim was to contribute for reduction the Carbon emission and to bring it down to zero to combat with the global warming and climate change problem of this globe.

What have you achieved since you have joined the Race to Zero for Universities and Colleges? 

We have done our Carbon emission calculations.

Rain water harvesting system has been installed.

Composting Station has been established and working properly.

Massive Plantation have been done and we are still doing on war footings.

Planning for solar system installations are under discussion.

Vehicular movement of university transport has been minimized.

How are you leading the transition to net-zero? Consider the Leadership Practices and how you are engaging others to join the Race to Zero for Universities and Colleges or other Race to Zero campaigns.

University is focusing on plantations and student are advised for 10 plants in their vicinity.

Alternative energy sources are being developed in Labs and ideas are available for community.

Seminars and lectures series are being conducted in other institutes to highlight the awareness of this issue.

What challenges have you had?

Transportation is mainly on fossil fuel that is bit tricky and expensive to shift on electricity and biofuel.

Solar system adaptation for complete campus is finance taking problem that we are trying to get some funds for this

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