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Stockholm University - Sweden

What is the name of your institution?

Stockholm University

Why did you sign up to the Race to Zero for Universities and Colleges?

To accelerate the work mitigating and reducing GHG emissions from our own operations and in society at large.

What have you achieved since you have joined the Race to Zero for Universities and Colleges? 

Stockholm University has implemented a climate roadmap aiming to chart the way for reaching net-zero emissions by 2040. Instrumental in this work is our new climate calculation tool, both enabling an overview of all our carbon emissions and facilitating priorititization and action planning.

The roadmap also proposes measures for how we, through research, education and collaboration, can contribute to the development of a sustainable and resource-efficient society.

How are you leading the transition to net-zero? Consider the Leadership Practices and how you are engaging others to join the Race to Zero for Universities and Colleges or other Race to Zero campaigns.

The transition to net-zero is both managed via measures that aim to reduce GHG emissions from our own operations and by taking a leading role in national and international networks and collaborations within and outside academia. Meanwhile, it is likely that our research and education efforts will have a much greater positive effect on emission reductions in society at large than the direct efforts being made to reach net-zero in day-to-day operations.

What challenges have you had?

A transition to net-zero requires the university to develop concrete and measurable goals and to put in place relevant measures to achieve the goals. This naturally takes time and a challenge is to fully understand what we have the power to change ourselves and which measures that are needed most urgently in the short term.

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