Join the Race to Zero before 11th November 2024

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Government College Women University, Sialkot

Why did you sign up to the Race to Zero for Universities and Colleges?

Our aim was to contribute to reduce the Carbon emission bring to achieve 1.5°C, with science based targets initiative and nature-based solutions to combat with the global warming and climate change problem of this globe, in focused in the SDGs and ACE

What have you achieved since you have joined the Race to Zero for Universities and Colleges? 

Planet: Awareness or concientization of SDG6, SDG12, SDG13, SDG14, SDG15

We are determined to protect the planet from degradation, including through sustainable consumption and production, the sustainable management of its natural resources and urgent action on climate change, so that it can meet the needs of present and future generations. . no more paper in classes, Say No to deforestation, consumption of water and fossil fuels in the production process to have the final product, we do composting in the classrooms, little by little the use of bicycles is being implemented as a means of transportation for students The closest to the school, more tree plantations with little water consumption.

How are you leading the transition to net-zero? Consider the Leadership Practices and how you are engaging others to join the Race to Zero for Universities and Colleges or other Race to Zero campaigns.

International participations such as the climate action project Take Action Global, food systems FAO, Unesco oceans, Unesco Education for sustainable development, Awareness in other schools worldwide the use of acrylic board to say no to paper in classes, Say No to deforestation.

What challenges have you had?

Lack of financial funds, to be concientization in greening education to achieve the sustainable development goals and action for climate empowerment.

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